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Cold Fronts

Cold Fronts Sign to Warner Bros./Sire Records

Congrats to Cold Fronts for signing a deal with Warner Bros./Sire Records! We are certainly interested to see what life with a major label will be like for them, and wish them all the best. Cheers fellas!


PartyandPizza Tour w/Cold Fronts at KFN Feb. 28

With the start of spring coming, a fine band to help kick off the season is local rising pop-rock outfit Cold Fronts, who are bringing back the basics with their self-described “raw, personable and honest” sound. Singer Craig Almquist provides a relaxed feel with his calm yet earnest lyrics and vocals. With Alex Smith on drums and current members Peter Helmis and Chris Baglivo on bass and guitar respectively, the combination of their subconsciously familiar riffs and pounding drums result in a sudden desire to roll down the car windows and take in some vitamin D. The group just kicked off their PartyandPizza Tour, which will take them through SXSW, finishing with an end-of-tour party, presented by Taco Bell. Tomorrow they’ll be playing alongside Brooklyn-based Double King, led by Ryan Dieringer, with its broad rock ambitions and Springsteen-esque undertones. Completing the trifecta will be TJ Kong bringing some garage blues to the end of February. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St., $5, 8pm, 21+ - Shaylin O’Connell


Free Download: "Know It All" - Cold Fronts

Below is a new track that you can download for free from Cold Fronts called "Know It All," which premiered earlier today via BuzzChips and was recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks Studio. The band is currently working on a new EP with Kyle "Slick" Johnson at Fancy Time Studio. You can catch Cold Fronts performing live on January 25 at West Philly's Sprinkle Kingdom.


Cold Fronts Keepin’ Ya Young at KFN Dec. 12

Tonight the steady rolling stuck-in-your-head pop-rock vehicle known as Cold Fronts makes a visit to Kung Fu Necktie. This group has that knack for building a comfortable energetic groove, utilizing a dual guitar front that weaves between chunky power chords and slick runs. A tightly connected bass-percussion combination is the starting block, which propels the music into perpetual motion, while the lyrics tap into universal youth exuberance, making their songs ready-made crowd pleasers. They’ll be joined on the bill by all-girl pop-punk Japanese quartet the Suzan and local trio Ton-Taun for the PBR-presented showcase. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St., 8pm, $8, 21+ - Michael Colavita


Album Review: Pretty American - Cold Fronts

As the drums pop to begin “Heart Attack,” the opening track to Cold Fronts’ debut EP Pretty American, the song demonstrates the group’s natural gravitational pull towards catchy hooks that hide around every corner of the album. The dual guitars play off each other providing the energy to cook up these tasty power pop morsels. While one lays down the power chord riffs - a quick flurry which sets the tone and also moves with a casual yet upfront feel, the second guitar lays down lines straying ever so distant from the group yet remaining tied in. The vocals welcome you into the party with a carefree, YOLO attitude. With that glimpse into the aesthetic framework of the band’s first release, the following track “Primetime” revels in the EP’s slackerdom vibe with its lazy drawl delivery and late night, substance-induced Philosophy 101 lyrics. “We’re all just a bunch of mistakes.” However, there is glimmer of hope (and familiarity) with the song’s anthemic chorus - “woah, we can make it better, come on, come on, let’s get together” - that could inspire an audience sing-along long after the band has stopped playing. The album closer “Catch” holds true to the previous tracks found on the record balancing clean, burrow-into-your-head guitar riffs with lyrics that speak to the listener in a straight-forward manner. “Let’s run away into a new town, let’s catch a wave, let’s find a new sound.”
Pretty American succeeds in its simplicity combining the steady backbeat with the driving force of relatable, vintage guitar licks and lyrics that almost instantly seem memorable. It’s classic radio-friendly pop rock from below the waist with a youthful kick. The EP opens the door to Cold Fronts, and after taking a listen, you’ll want to step inside and look around. - Michael Colavita


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