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Flamingo Bay

Smokey & The Bloozehounds - In the Big Smoke!

Smokey & The Bloozehounds.....sultry bluesy rock n' roll from right here in the Big Smoke! Drawing influences from classic rock, alt-country, straight blues and even a little grunge. There's something for everyone with the Bloozehounds. Based on the name I think you better have some beer and/or whiskey close by while listening to them as well. They just released their latest record "Another Man's Sins" in January of this year and it's packed with whiskey soaked rock n roll. Listen to the title track to get an idea of what the Bloozehounds bring to the table. They'll be playing the Painted Lady this Thursday with Yeomans and Flamingo Báy.


Can you think of a better combo than live music and pro wrestling? Me neither. Superkick'd is a Toronto based company that holds monthly events which combine pro wrestling and live music. The atmosphere is electric and the party is wild. This Friday Superkick'd returns to the Great Hall for the "Crank'd Party" featuring swamp rock band Flamingo Bày. They recently released their latest record "Steak n' Eggs" on tape through Wiener Records which will be for sale along with some brand new t-shirts. There's no seats on the floor so that means you can get as close to the action as you want. Get drunk, get loud, bang on the ring mat and enjoy the best entertainment in the city. Doors at 7. Kick Off Party with Flamingo Bày at 7:30. 8 o'clock bell time at the Great Hall on Queen West.


By definition Yeomans were attendants in a royal household...until now when Yeomas became one of my favorite rock bands in the GTA. They have top notch garage surf vibes. Influenced by The 13th Floor Elevators for sure and as far as more modern bands go I would compare them to the Allah La’s out of California. They have an EP available that was released in 2014. The opening track “Big Bikes” has some beautifully reverbed vocals and excellent surf guitar solos. “Elijah” takes you on a chilled out adventure to a beach....back in the 60‘s. Very nice psycadellia comin from this 3 piece. They even throw an instrumental at you just to make sure you’re awake. Easily one of the best EP’s I’ve heard in a while. It’s worth spending money on. You can choose the price on their bandcamp page. Catch them live on Saturday at Bovine Sex Club with Flamingo Báy and Wine Lips. - Kris Gies


Demento blues...ever heard of it? Well it's time you got a lesson on how it's done. Frankie & Jimmy are a demento blues duo from Hamilton. They released their album "Scream the Blues" in 2014 and it's full of traditional blues tracks done in a very original way. Frankie rips the slide guitar while Jimmy wails on the mic and harmonica. It's in your face and dirty as well as beautiful and unique. More recently these fellas have lined up a full band. They've also released some new tracks with music videos such as "My Harley". The best part about Frankie & Jimmy is their own brand of signature hot sauce. It's called "Burn the Blues Away" and as Jimmy says "it won't ruin your day but it'll ruin your next ten minutes." I've made my special hot wing sauce with it before and it was unreal. Frankie & Jimmy along with Torque Hound open up for Flamingo Báy at their Tape Release Party Friday Night (February 5th) at the Baltimore House in Hamilton. Sweet venue, sweet tunes and spicy sauce! Go.


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