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I, the Mountain - "Little Wild" Release Party at Junction City 04.03

I, the Mountain are a 5 piece indie folk band based in Kitchener. Their new album “Little Wild” is due out March 31st and they have released a music video for the title track.  Not gonna lie…the up close image of a vertical suplex had me clicking the link instantly. The video features the band inside the squared circle perhaps being a “little wild”. The track itself was written as an ode to the day-to-day things we all do that may or may not be considered a little wild. They will be hosting the “Little Wild” Release Party at Junction City Music Hall on April 3rd. – Kris Gies

I, Alexander's "Sturdy Thoughts" is sweetly mysterious

Eyes wide open and hands in the air, I, Alexander brings back some of the best parts of numerous Justin Vernon projects in his new song and music video "Sturdy Thoughts." You can hear the Bon Iver and Volcano Choir influences right off the bat, in the sweet, tender vocals and lucid, folksy acoustic guitars. But unexpectedly and impressively, orchestral textures meander in, lifting the song into exquisitely stunning territory. A beautiful string and flute arrangement weaves through the song, helped by a gentle piano. The video itself is mystifying, with a haunting silhouette of the artist projected on top of leaves and sparks flying. I, Alexander's self-titled debut is out January 12th on Susan Records. -Geena Kloeppel

I, Us & We releases debut EP Mono

Instead of lingering on one sound, I, Us, & We explore different facets of their jeweled dream pop. “Lanterns,” with its cavernous chorus and shuffling beat, kicks off the band’s debut EP Mono, but it also isn’t a perfect predictor for what comes next. The ringing synths in “Sunday” practically sound cheery by comparison, and album highlight “Alive” draws you in with a moody vibe similar to “Lanterns,” but with a pleading chorus that, even without pining for you in particular, might convince you to sing along.

Check out the track "Alive", streaming below - Brian J.K. Regan


I, Synthesist releases video + album

“Hello Virginia” is the new video by NYC goth revivalist, I, Synthesist (nee Chris Ianuzzi). The video features weather-worn pedestrians suffering through this year’s oppressive winter, a middle-aged male wearing some kind of steampunk eyeglass contraption and a young blonde punk girl who climbs stairwells looking generally forlorn. There’s also a little girl that appears about 3/4th of the way in, a point at which I truthfully gave up on narrative altogether. Luckily, the actual music from the video was more interesting. A menacing darkwave beat convulses underneath a buzzsaw of synth loops in typical goth fashion. When its gravely-voiced singer croaks out his dramatic exordium to the elusive Virginia, things feel icy and chilly, not unlike the weather. Dark, moreover... like the world. Beware the non-conformist. - Brian Chidester

Mp3 - I, Synthesist : "Hello, Virginia"


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