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Rooftop Love Club

Rooftop Love Club - "Kill It (If You Want It) Video Premiere

Toronto garage rock duo Rooftop Love Club are back with some brand new music videos from their latest album “Jejune”. Part 2 of 3 has just been released and features the track “Kill It (If You Want It)”. The video follows the main character from Part 1 (which can be seen here) to an empty parking lot where he practices all his new moves however trouble ensues when his skills are put to the test! The track is a bluesy 2 piece rocker that has a next level of heaviness added to it which really helps it rip….or helps YOU rip if you’re the guy in the video. Stay tuned for Part 3 and make sure to check out Rooftop Love Club on June 2nd at the Horseshoe Tavern when they open up for Teenage Head. – Kris Gies


Brand new single from two piece garage band Rooftop Love Club...“Oscillate”. It starts with a heavy guitar lick along with thumpin’ drums. The duo stays tight on all the stops n’ starts throughout the song and as the song progresses all the licks and fills increase in intensity. Part way through the track they break down and the guitar gets really bluesy until the drums hammer back in and they both continue to raise hell. Their new album “Jejune” is available now. The release party goes down Friday August 18th at the Horseshoe Tavern alongside Brenda, The Mercy Now, The Two Times and Electric Spoonful. – Kris Gies


Watch out folks...I think we got some stoners playin' music here. Rooftop Love Club are a two piece dirty blues rock band. Lo-fi fuzzy guitars and Sabbath-like drums. There's nothing not to like. The guitars laid down by Jake Hock are DEEP to a doom-rock level. Along with drummer Jacob Weiss they may have invented Doom Blues Rock. I dunno but I hope they tell me when their next show is. The album "Get Outside" is available now on their bandcamp page. - Kris Gies


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