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Politics and NYC bands: Shark?, World of Darkness, Sidea Sideb, and Ludlow Ejacula play Cake Shop on 01.23

We don't really want to start a discussion about politics here, but it's impossible to deny that one candidate is winning hands down the support of the NYC emerging band vote... Six local acts will perform at Cake Shop on Saturday January 23rd in support of Bernie Sanders, and, since we've never covered some of them, we'll take the opportunity to do so, check them out below! In the picture, Shark?

A slew of Brooklyn bands play 1.21 Gigawatts fest on July 17-20

It looks like the 1.21 Gigawatts crew managed to grab every single decent to good to great indie rock band that’s up and coming in Brooklyn today for their upcoming 4 day yearly festival at Radio Bushwick on July 17-20: Bluffing, Big Neck Police, Infinity ShredSunflower Bean, Shark?, Tonstartsbandht, Celestial Shore, The Gradients, hell they even got Fiasco on the bill?! I remember listening to Fiasco in high school wishing I was cool enough to go to their shows, but back then I wasn’t in it for the music as much as trying to find an identity in this fucked up city we call home (calling all high school indie rockers: don’t be ashamed, you may not be old enough to drink yet but you are allowed to fuck up as many times as you want, so go to these shows, maybe you’ll get lucky and they won’t draw the X’s on your hand too deep!)

There will be also teen indie folk talent and recent Deli Record of the Month Frankie Cosmos. I could keep going, but the bottom line is that 1.21 Gigawatts is having a fun party with lots of talented NYC artist - I'll be there! - Jake Saunders

Shark? unveils "This is Living" from upcoming LP "Savior"

Shark? was one of the first bands to bring back at sound of the 90s in Brooklyn. Their music immediately draws you in - their laconic lyrics, filled with bizarre observations and poignant details, are as fun to anticipate and listen to as any Silver Jews song: “Oh, I hate California girls, they don’t believe in nothing,” or “No I don’t want any cake, well OK one small bite.” Like a lot of other slacker bands, there’s not an ounce of self-importance anywhere in their music, which is what we want in a band that never lets up the energy.

Shark? just announced a new album entitled "Savior," scheduled for a 10.01 release. Check out the new single "This is Living," streaming below.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


SHARK? releases new single "California Grrls" + announce full length

The recent, collector/nostalgia driven phenomenon of the limited-edition-cassette revival is becoming more and more popular, and we wonder if anybody is really playing these quaint old relics when the music is available online, just one click away... the four dudes from Brooklyn' power pop mainstays Shark? will be putting out such old fashioned release featuring their new single "California Grrls" from their forthcoming album, along with b-side "Roadrunner Roadrunner" (not included in the record). The single - a catchy noise pop song about those (nasty) girls Foxygen obviously chose over our awesome Brooklyn ladiez! - will be out April 2nd through Old Flame Records, while the band will be finalizing their upcoming album "Savior" expected to drop sometime in the summer. We are sure listening to the single through an old cassette player will somehow make your experience sublime, but if all you care about is the music, well, you can stream it right here under this blurb. For some (nostalgia and hiss free) live fun, you can catch the band at Death by Audio on May 16.

This song was added to our SoundCloud playlist of emerging NYC artists here.


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