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Wine Lips


Toronto's garage scene is booming right now and right in the thick of it is Vypers. A wild 4 piece psych garage band that look as dirty as they sound. They just opened up for Black Lips at the Horseshoe but if you missed that don't worry. Listen to their new single "Mr.Girl" right now and get lost in the duel guitar threat comin' at ya. The fight between fuzz and reverb is a real battle with Vypers. It may never end. Vypers will be joining The Tenenbaums and Wine Lips on June 10th at Cherry Colas. - Kris Gies


These guys were raised in a small town near Ottawa. So they had plenty of time to drink cheap beer and make dirty punk tunes. Gravel punk unique to the Tenenbaums. Hectic rock n roll that is still catchy...that makes for a great combo.  "We'll Always Have Milhouse" is available on their bandcamp page. So crank it before The Tenenbaums come to town. Make some noise for the Tenenbaums at Cherry Cola's on June 10th along with Wine Lips. - Kris Gies


Toronto surfer folks Yeomans have released a brand new video! "My Fish Got Drunk" is a fun, easy goin, instrumental tune that I believe makes the sun rise. It'll get your foot tappin' and your face smilin'. They even lay out the chord progressions in karaoke style for you to play along with at home! This video is the most fun you can have in 3 minutes. Yeomans is at the Piston on Wednesday April 12 with Wine Lips, Evolfo and Passport Radio. - Kris Gies



Goodbye Honolulu are makin' a name for themselves with their garage-pop tunes these days. They keep the fuzz turned up without losing any of their catchy hooks and vocals. If the guitar licks don't keep you interested then the group vocals will. You won't be bored listening to these tunes. Goodbye Honolulu will be releasing a brand new single this Friday and the Release Party goes down at The Smiling Buddha with Wine Lips and Ruthless Ones. For now enjoy their most recent single "Codeine" - Kris Gies


Do you like extreme sports and fireworks? This new Wine Lips video has it all. Can't go wrong with some skateboarding and this Toronto garage trio causes all kinds of mischief in their video for "Dead Beat". An absolute ripper track from their debut EP. It's got a solid rhythm section packin a punch and giving you constant body shots. Meanwhile the guitar is just flippin' out...If you're into the California garage scene you'll dig Wine Lips. Excellent party music. Go see em on Friday at The Central with Jean Daddy and Possum. - Kris Gies



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