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Alt Pop

Alt Pop

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Rose Porn
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Dollshot's classic art pop vision rings true on "Paradise Flat"

There’s an immediately disorienting quality to “Paradise Flat,” the novel single by New York art pop husband and wife duo Dollshot. The track’s in an off kilter 7/8 time signature that fills each measure with a sense of shuffling unease, while a brooding synthetic bass plays against occasional piano accents. In the eye of the storm is Rosie’s hauntingly vocal performance, a melodic counterpoint to the discordant saxophone of Noah K. It’s a lot to take in at once, given that each musical component comes at the listener simultaneously, but the end result is an impressive synthesis of pop, jazz, and classical instrumentation, one that belies Dollshot’s experiences cutting their teeth at music conservatory before shifting into the world of experimental indie. Futhermore, the track is evocative of other alt-jazz efforts, primarily Radiohead's "Life In A Glass House," done so in a way that ratchets woodwinds, percussion, and electronics up to an 11. 

“Paradise Flat” is the first single from Dollshot’s forthcoming sophomore effort, Lalande, out January 25th. Stream it below. -Connor Beckett McInerney (@b_ck_tt)


New Track: "Waffles" - Fast Car Slow Car

Breshon Martzell, a.k.a. Fast Car Slow Car, recently shared the project's debut single, “Waffles,” which was produced by fellow Straw Hats bandmate/The Districts' Rob Grote. There’s a playful psych-dream aspect, driven by its wandering keys. The deep vocal tone and the futuristic electro-beats create an oddball, 80's aesthetic. Amid the strangeness, there’s a bright, buoyant bounce to the dance-inspiring recording. Its corresponding video was edited by Braden Lawrence (The Districts/Haggert McTaggert), capturing a kaleidoscope of colors within a home video, with a nod to travelers of the cosmos.

Ackerman releases dreamy new EP "1000 Variations of Yourself"

Much of Ackerman’s new 5 track EP, 1000 Variations of Yourself, is shrouded in echoes. This reaches a spacious pinnacle on the penultimate track “For Everyone You’ll Never Know,” where two-plus minutes of silky reverberation precede the core of the song. Ackerman, which describes itself as an “experimental rock group and multimedia collective,” invests generously in effects-laden transformations of pop sounds. Not to say that the Brooklyn group comes from an otherworldly place—opener “Tiger Traps” brings Animal Collective-esque electronica to the mix, M83 or Grizzly bear style indie rock ambience can be heard in the title track and “I am No Longer Afraid of Coyotes!,” and the closing falsetto and light funk of “Loverboy” holds plenty of pop appeal—but Ackerman’s tendencies toward the dreamy, less expected ends of that world distinguish them in the indie pop realm. Listen to 1000 Variations of Yourself below. – Cameron Carr

Perhapsy's blissful “Kingdom” after a dark journey

Since last year’s lovely-brilliant EP “The,” we’ve been awaiting the next move from Oakland’s own Perhapsy, solo project of artist Derek Barber (Curls, Bells Atlas). The new album, “Kingdom Starlight Bliss,” weaves an energy both soothing and invigorating. A shoegazing lover’s dream, songs are textured with the intricate guitar work that earned Barber his mad respect. Resonating melodies reach an almost intergalactic quality (check out The Curse!). His sweet vocals express emotions that are at times darker than most of his previous work: sad stories sprinkled with tough emotions and epiphanies; references to dooming relationships and dark times ahead. But as Barber puts it, “Kingdom” is an album full of endings, changes, and the eventual sparkle at the end of the tunnel. Give it a listen and check out those sweet images, too (did we mention he's also a cartoonist?)....Enjoy! - Michelle Kicherer, Associate Editor


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