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Schizo-prog metalheads, Fall of the Albatross, to play Fat Baby 2/23

Let me start out this way: Fall of the Albatross is definitely not for the faint of heart. The Queens-based band deals in full-fledged, prog-metal freakouts, with a dash of finger-snapping jazz melodies thrown in. If that's not enough to pique your interest, check out their latest album, Enormous Cloud. It's an exercise in controlled chaos as the band growls, screeches, and swings through winding--and sometimes jarring--transitions. "Like A Good Tornado," the band's stand-out track, is just that--a whirlwind of sound complete with roaring guitar licks, time-signature play, and the band's characteristic style jumps. The record is 11 tracks of spastic, dense, instrumental goodness, that may bewilder first-time listeners, however, the auditory payouts are great and well worth the ride. Catch them at Fat Baby 2/23 alongside Professor Caffeine & the Insecurities, Juan Bond, and Deeply Woven, and go ahead and hit that play button to stream them below.-Olivia Sisinni 

Bells Atlas Shares New Single - N C A T

The Oakland based band, Bells Atlas has released a new single entitled, N C A T!

With a full length and two EPs released since forming in late 2012, Oakland-based pop-soul band Bells Atlas are gearing up to drop a new standalone single, “NCAT.” The track release comes timed with the Bells Atlas’ upcoming run of dates with the WNYC/NPR program Snap Judgment serving as the house band during live recordings.

Attempting to neatly describe the sounds that Derek Barber (guitar) Geneva Harrison (drums, percussion, keys) Sandra Lawson-Ndu (vocals, percussion, keys) and Doug Stuart (bass, vocals, keys) produce together is no easy task. Kaleidoscopic and richly layered, each new foray by the band expands the wide, colorful sonic palette from which they paint dazzling, vibrant structures from.

"Nothing Comes After This (NCAT) is about the feeling when you know a relationship has run it’s course. All of the little things have added up to something so big that they have eclipsed the light that the relationship once brought. It touches on feeling both empowered and heartbroken, because change is rarely easy."

You can catch Bells Atlas live
2/19 - Rickshaw Stop - San Francisco, CA


A Deli NYC premiere: Nozart's new cinematic single "Puppet"

Here with his newest enthralling avant-art single "Puppet" is Noah Kellman, performing under his moniker Nozart. Kellman, a "fantastical musical storyteller", weaves melodic tapestries out of digital soundscapes, extraterrestrial noise, and relentless electric beats. Kellman's education as a jazz musician plays into his compositions, which deliver modern orchestrations in a futuristic orchestral style.

We've featured Kellman as Nozart before on The Deli NYC. His song "Just Let It Go" is still in our Best Songs By Emerging NYC Artists playlists. "Puppet" follows the style of his previous work, complete with musical buzzes and synth arpeggios bubbling underneath haunting vocals. Listen for sci-fi sound effects peeking out; Doctor Who fans, you might hear the sound of a TARDIS if you try hard enough. Listen to "Puppet" below. - Will Sisskind


No One and the Somebodies bring insanity to Sunnyvale on March 1st

With an "anything goes" aesthetic reminiscent of Jeff Rosenstock’s DIY ska/punk collective Bomb the Music Industry! (but ten times noisier/weirder), Bronx's No One and the Somebodies is an ambitious excercize in blending instrumental experimentation, punky vocals, and fun. Mathy tendencies, blended with or juxtaposed to uncoordinated melodies and slacking moments, come together to somehow build a sound that kinda makes sense, in particular for those music fans that are still in search of unusual music that defies categorizations. Not new to the scene, One and the Somebodies released their debut album in 2004, and their latest (a split album with Palberta) in the summer of 2015. You can see them live at Sunnyvale on March 1st.


Otto Rollo

Otto Rollo is the work of David Seeber. He recently released his Collected EP’s, Vol. 1 through Florida’s Illuminated Paths. His work is combination of samples, found sounds, and lo-fi instrumentation.


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