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Free jazz outfit Sudden Duo release compelling debut album “Frontier”

Sudden Duo, a Boston based free jazz/experimental project, is a collaboration between Dylan Sherry on saxophones and electronics and Chris Southiere on drums. The duo’s debut album Frontier is a minimal and abstract approach jazz, with little to no harmonic accompaniment to Sherry’s lone horn. The “freedom” of Frontier is refreshing; the inherent confines of harmonic chord structures are nonexistent, which allows Sherry and Southiere to have a healthy and honest pursuit towards both everything and nothing, and whatever is in between. Frontier, in all of it’s imaginative and compelling space, is like listening to the great Albert Ayler sit in on a Sun Ra drum track. -Charley Ruddell


Spooky and the Bear drop new EP, "So Long Ago," plays Epistrophy on 12.17

NYC's Spooky and the Bear is a dark-synth/ambient duo, with a penchant for surprisingly catchy tunes. The group just dropped their first multi-track release, "So Long Ago," an EP that marries beatmaker Marco Dianese's sometimes-trippy-always-engaging beats with Nina Varner's smoky vocals. The result is 5 tracks of offbeat electro-dance pop. Stream "Water" off the new EP below and see them live at Nolita's Epistrophy on December 17th. - Olivia Sisinni

New Tim Motzer Album Available for Streaming & Purchase

Beyond any astral imagery, space can be understood as the context in which creation happens. This concept plays a key role in the music of Tim Motzer, whose spontaneity and undulating harmony swells in the realms of ambient music, while retaining a presence that acts as a grounding force. Motzer’s newest album, titled “Soak,” was released on his own 1K Recordings label, and was captured during a live performance for Stockton University’s radio station WLFR. The recordings are mostly ambient sound structures, interwoven with bright guitars, not unlike Brian Eno and Robert Fripp’s album Evening Star. You can catch Motzer performing in his band Orion Tango on Sunday, December 17 at Ortlieb’s. - Josh Kelly


Freakout Standouts: Strawberry Mountain

*photo by Travis Trautt 

Strawberry Mountain has been around the way for awhile, just not necessarily as montaña de la fresa. Formerly known as Basement Surfers, the DIY music and art collective are as large with their sounds as they are with their member count. Having played two sets at Freakout this year attendees were able to enjoy them twice over, but their sounds were entirely perfect for the Conor Byrne and its crowd.

Aside from their all-ages "2nd chance" Filson set Strawberry Mountain packed onto the Conor Byrne's stage as festival goers crowded the walkways of the bar-venue, lining up for Will Call tickets and press check-in. Upon their first notes the heads in the room focused with intrigue on their expansive, experimental psych sounds, much of which came from their early 2017 album Human Music.

With that album and everything prior, Strawberry Mountain are definitely ones we'll keep our eyes on.

Lo-fi Psych project June Bloom release debut EP "Bloomin'"

Boston based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Patrick Carr has embarked on a psychedelic solo venture called June Bloom. Carr, a keyboardist and vocalist for the eight-piece funk/soul group The New Review and jangle-pop rockers Brother Toaster, has channeled his fondness of lo-fi dream-pop, psychedelic, and folk music into the delightfully aloof debut EP entitled Bloomin’.

The EP’s jaunty opening track “Ponds” combines the airy charm of a Real Estate guitar riff with the meaty substance of a Fleet Foxes arrangement, while “Shores” roots its traditionally psych songwriting in Ariel Pink’s production chambers. Fans of left-of-the-dial records, from classics like The Zombies’ Odessey and Oracle or Syd Barrett’s The Madcap Laughs, to the contemporary torch bearers Kevin Parker and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, will be sure to take something great from June Bloom’s Bloomin’. -Charley Ruddell 



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