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Lili K "Joy To The World"

Lili K has released a festive new single called “Joy To The World”. This is here and her band’s take on this Christmas classic. This is the jazz vocalist's second single of 2018, following-up “Best Friends” which was released earlier this year. Lili is preparing to release her sophomore album, Planet of Flowers, in the coming months.


Mass Gothic talk about gear on Delicious Audio

Noel Heroux and Jessica Zambri, active in the NYC scene since the mid aughts, released music separately through Hooray for Earth (Noel's first breakout project, disbanded in 2014) and Zambri (the electronic band Jessica still plays in with sister Cristi Jo) and became the two creative forces behind Mass Gothic. The two musicians share an interest for dark atmospheres and edgy arrangements. They found themselves involved in a romantic relationship that soon developed in an involved artistic collaboration, which fully bloomed in Mass Gothic's sophomore album, entitled "I've Tortured You Long Enough," released earlier this year through Sub Pop records. Our sister blog Delicious Audio asked Noel to share some thoughts about the creative experience and the gear behind it, read his answers here. - Photo by Sammy Goldfien

Tempers finds an audience in Europe + releases concept LP about consumerism

A Brooklyn band that was born to be appreciated in the triangle of land enclosed between Manchester, Milan and Berlin, Tempers has been slowly finding recognition... exactly there. Proponents of a brand of coldwave (aka synth-post-punk) that most Americans will find unnecessarily depressing, the duo has released an excellent debut album in 2015 that - like all good records - has not stopped conquering hearts just yet (it's called "Services"). After spending four years touring and promoting that release, the duo has finally come out with their sophomore full length, which takes their lugubrious electronic music to new levels of abstraction and intellectual exploration. Presented as "a concept album about the architecture of consumerism," the record features conversations with iconic dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and a more explorative sound that's less influenced by the canons of the electronic new wave of the '80s. Check out the video for single "Love at the Mall."

Chrissy Martin "Body Puzzles"

Chrissy Martin has released a new piece called “Body Puzzles” via the Michigan label 1473. This is a part of a larger project she is calling “Sound Moves” which explores the relationship between movement and sound, voice and body.

The audio was recorded live during the performance that you can watch below.


Kevin Czaja “Past, Present, Future”

Kevin Czaja has released a second composition, “Past, Present, Future”, from his forthcoming album. This is cinematic classical music that allows you to close your eyes and imagine the epic battle scenes and aerial shots this music was meant to accompany.

This is a far departure from the instrumental metal sounds of his rock duo Mad Martyr.


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