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Levi Miller releases album from the depths "Tales In Red Writing"

We must bring to your attention the music of Levi J. Miller, especially his latest release Tales In Red Writing, which came out just in time for Halloween. Miller, who releases albums at a breakneck pace, continues his exploration of darkness in music on his new record, going full goth on songs like "Trepanning (-)" and "Petrification". He also includes touches of doom metal in tracks like "Tetragrammaton" and prog-rock on "Eliphas". In the seven tracks on Tales In Red Writing, you may receive a full crash course in all of music's darkest genres; Miller pulls the delivery of each off with ease. Miller will perform at The Post-Election Hangover at The End on November 15th. Take a listen to Tales In Red Writing below. - Will Sisskind 


Naal is the experimental ambient project from Dave Mantel of Broken Light Records and Qajaq. He is currently preparing to release his latest album, 0-0-0, on November 19th. You can pre-order and stream a 10 minutes piece of chilled, drone, bliss called “II” below.


Miles Francis is back with new single + video for "Sophomore Slump"

Back in February, Miles Arntzen a.k.a Miles Francis put out his debut solo EP Swimmers. Today he’s continuing to make waves with the release of new single and music video entitled “Sophomore Slump.”  Francis, who also played drums in Antibalas, is an NYC-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who crafts organic, off-kilter pop. Directed by Charles Billot, the accompanying visuals for “Sophomore Slump” find Francis maneuvering dark corridors and bright balloons, surrounded by masked figures in feather boas dancing alongside the song’s jittery melody. Here’s what he had to say on the video’s genesis, “The video is basically a dark funhouse version of my mind. The clutter, the calm; childhood, adulthood; confidence, insecurity - it’s all in there, and I’m surveying all of it.” Watch below! - Sara Nuta


Debut Likes LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Likes is a new musical outfit fronted by Philly's Ada Babar. Babar has been active the last few years with the Ada Babar Band, a split cassette with Palm’s Kasra Kurt, Suffer Dragon, and a whole slew of solo releases. They are also involved with a new label Nino Tomorrow, who recently reissued an obscure 80’s electronic album by the Texas artist Charles Ditto. With Likes, Babar is joined by Gavin O.Wald, Clarke Sondermann, Nat Grandbois, Emly Lyon, TC Helicon, Andrew Lee, and Eve Alpert. New Pedal toes the line between pop eccentricism and total campiness without landing on either side. The album is equal parts goofy and stunning, coming through with the laughs, while also running the listener through a full gambit of head bobbers and glitchtronic freakouts. Take a chance on this curveball, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. - Josh Kelly


Blind Moon

Blind Moon is the heavy psych project of Josh Cohen. Last week he released his latest album, Mind Is A Garden, and below is the video for the LP lead single “Warm Daze”.

The sounds on this album are a blend of ambient, meditative, and psychedelic that will take you on a journey with or without assistance.

You can catch Blind Moon at Cole’s on November 9th with The Knees.


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