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New Track: "Be a Light" - Ali Awan

If a temporary summer trip is in order, “Be a Light,” the new single from Ali Awan, could provide the sound. Harmonized vocals fortify the loose, laidback, psych-folk ride. The grit of the guitar strums are smoothed over by the shimmer of keys, as the continuous churn of the rhythm marches onward in a direct, mind-tunneling expanse. He'll be sharing a billing at Johnny Brenda's on Thursday, August 9, with Lightninging and Mesmeric Haze.



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Ricky Lewis
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Trans Pecos
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Enter Sean Rubin's avant-folk world on debut LP "everybody shares a name"

You may recognize the name Sean Rubin from his old project Ladyhips, a Deli New England Artist of the Month dating back to 2012, but if you haven’t heard of his solo project then it’s time to catch up. Rubin recently released his debut album everybody shares a name, an avant-folk project that finds a surprising comfort in the dissonance, asking difficult questions and accepting the fact that there isn’t always an answer. It’s striking for its lack of conventionality; this project takes risks, but it’s still easy to listen to for those willing to enter Sean Rubin’s weird and intricate world. Take the leap with us, and stream our favorite track “old birds” below. - Lilly Milman

Wojcik Brings Blue-Collar Work Ethic to Debut Releases

Like countless other Austinite musicians, Matthew Wojcik puts in long hours at his day job in order to keep his music aspirations alive. Playing revved-up folk music under his last name, Wojcik, Matthew isn't shy about incorporating pop elements and alt-rock distortion into his repertoire, so that it proves a more distinct sound. Wojcik's only other member happens to be his wife, Virginia Marceau, who helps in filling out harmonies with her refined vocals. Wojcik (the band) are laying the groundwork to begin self-releasing and promoting their new music, beginning with their new debut single "Growing Old or Passing On" which officially drops on August 17th, and then the full EP, "Winter Winds", which is slated for a September 21 release. Matt and Virginia worked on the upcoming EP for over two and a half years, with Matthew having written and performed almost all of the tracks except for some help from writer and tour buddy, Matthew Squires. Before the music is released in late Summer, you can catch Wojcik and Matthew Squires on a mini-Texas tour (dates listed below). Ambitious and hard-working, Wojcik, is the type of band that you can root for, because they would rather make their own luck than wait for a gift to fall from the sky.

July 25th - Hole In The Wall - Austin, TX July 27th - LowCountry - San Antonio, TX July 30th - The Lost Horse Saloon - Marfa, TX

Link to Debut Single - "Growing Old or Passing On" 


Freddie and Francine release rhythmic new single "Half A Mind"

 "I'm paralyzed by the thought of you just passing by..." Freddy and Francine put into song that wonderful feeling of the early days of being completely in awe of another person. "Half A Mind," the duo's latest single is a soulful, rhythmic, twang-infused love tune. Perhaps the best part of the song is its slow build, beginning with a bass line and vocals, then adding percussive textures and layering on the harmonies like layering a decadent chocolate cake with frosting. But when it really comes down to it, the song is sparse and restrained in all the right places- it could build into something like a full-band/drum kit throw-down, but it doesn't. Perhaps the arrangement is a metaphor for those early days of a love that isn't quite reciprocated yet. If "Half A Mind" doesn't convince the other party to take the leap, then I'm not sure what will. -Geena Kloeppel



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