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What is The Deli?
The Deli is an independent publication and website that focuses on local indie music scenes and emerging artists (from rock to folk, from electronica to "avant-indie," with a little bit of hip-hop). It currently publishes a printed magazine about the NYC and LA music scenes and has daily updated, separate webpages tackling new emerging music in various cities, including NYC, LA, SF, Chicago, and Nashville.

What is The Deli LA?
The Deli LA is a quarterly magazine and daily updated Web site focused on the independent music scene of the LA area.

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The Deli LA is a resource for Los Angeles musical artists and fans. We want to be a place where bands share their music with others, and where fans make their own decisions about what local music they enjoy.

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The Deli LA only reviews music from artists based in LA and surrounding areas.

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Juan is a music journalist, screenwriter, and assiduous music collector. When he's not scavenging through Amoeba or movie theater- hopping, he's fully immersed in the ever-changing LA music scene. You can also find him on Twitter

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Much Ado about The Living Sisters's "How Glad I Am"

The Living Sisters are rather enigmatic. Information on them is scarce, and it's hard to find a reason why considering this trio of vocalists are about as good as "supergroups" can get. Inara George (of The Bird and the Bee), Becky Stark (of Lavender Diamond) and Eleni Mandell (of ...Eleni Mandell) make up what is seemingly a throwback pop outfit (we say "seemingly" because only one track exists in the ether, "How Glad I Am," featured on their MySpace page) -- and they're sharing the stage with Brian Wilson on December 6th at Disney Hall. In this age of over saturation, consider this a rare kind of intrigue.


Neil Young Tribute Show This Friday @ Bootleg

In hopes of raising funds for the non-profit Children's Music Fund, country blog When You Awake and the Bootleg Theatre are hosting a Friday night bill loaded with local acts playing Neil Young favorites. Acts include The Chapin Sisters, Delta Spirit, Restevrant, The Parson Redheads and a ton of others. Save the music simply by coming out and enjoying it. (Click here for full listing of acts and online ticketing)


2 FREE Tickets to for Rare Terry Riley/Kronos Quartet/Mike Einziger Set

First person to e-mail hugo@thedelimagazine.com gets 2 free tickets to Kronos Quartet and minimalist legend Terry Riley's Disney Hall set on November 21. It's the opening night to the Left Coast, West Coast series (which will feature Brian Wilson and Inara George in a couple weeks, but how would we know that...?) so race to your inbox and shoot us an e-mail right now. 

Published on Fri, 13 Nov 2009 19:26:17 0 Comments | Post a Comment

Hollywood Brewfest Guarantees Loads of Booze, Deli LA Favorites


For $45 (just hear us out), enjoy unlimited tastings from over 35 breweries and live sets from Great Northern, Nico Stai, Castledoor and other Deli LA favorites all day Saturday at the Music Box in this year's Hollywood Brewfest (21+, tickets can be purchased here). At face value, it's a steep entry fee, but it's all day buzz-pacing, a great bill and all the booze you can responsibly consume. This is bang-for-your-buck at its finest.

Published on Thu, 12 Nov 2009 17:05:57 0 Comments | Post a Comment 

Regrets & Brunettes Turn Heads, Guitars

On the heels of the release of their debut LP "At Night You Love Me," blues rock-based Regrets & Brunettes are playing some local dates to preview fresh material. The relatively new group (their MySpace page dates them as seven months old) have already turned some heads with recent opening slots for Delta Spirit and The Henry Clay People, but the newfound attention could also be owed to vocalist Richard Bivens's technique of playing a right-handed guitar in left-hand method. Now that's how you get the ladies.

Regrets and Brunettes channel the melodic eccentricity of Brian Wilson with the grit of Neil Young, and they're not shy to wear it on their sleeves. As pop for the more distorted crowd, they're worthy of a listen (or even a glimpse of aformentioned technique), so jot Nov. 30 for their set at The Echo. They share an impressive bill with Seasons and Downtown/Union.

Published on Tue, 10 Nov 2009 17:19:49 1 Comments | Post a Comment


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